Virginia WR coach Marques Hagans throws football into a trash can from across the field (Video)

Nick Bromberg

Former Virginia QB Marques Hagans still has his arm strength.

The team's current wide receivers coach threw a ball into a trash can from the other side of the Cavaliers' practice field. A football field is 160 feet long (53.3 yards) and we're guessing there's another seven yards or so to get to the trash can, so that's a 60-yard toss.

And for a guy who hasn't practiced as a quarterback recently, getting it in the trash can on the third try (if true) isn't bad at all. (We are still hoping our kicker trick shot idea from earlier in the day comes true.)

Hagans played QB at Virginia from 2001-2005. He backed up Matt Schaub to begin his career and took over fuill-time after Schaub left. He was drafted by the St. Louis Rams in 2006 and switched to wide receiver in the pros. He's been Virginia's WR coach for four seasons.

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