DeAndre Jordan wedges the ball between rim and backboard on an alley-oop (Video)

Eric Freeman

It has not been an especially normal week of basketball for Los Angeles Clippers center DeAndre Jordan. On Monday night, Jordan experienced the misfortune of having the "Los Angeles" name on the front of his jersey ripped off by Philadelphia 76ers guard Tony Wroten, which was not his fault but still something of an embarrassment for anyone who values high-quality sewing. Yet that event was mere prelude to the truly goofy moment of Jordan's week of basketball goofery.

Although the Clippers have declared the end of Lob City, Chris Paul and his teammates still throw their fair share of alley-oops. With just over two minutes remaining in the first quarter of their road game against the Boston Celtics on Wednesday night, Paul found Jordan for one such play off a pick-and-roll play. Unfortunately, the uber-athletic big man did not find the bottom of the net. He did, however, figure out a way to jam the ball between the rim and backboard.

Just as he did on Monday during his wardrobe malfunction, Jordan brushed off the incident with some chuckles. I suppose it's a good thing that he's able to find the humor in these situations, but here's hoping his luck turns soon. At this rate, he's going to slip on a banana peel during a fastbreak within the week.

(Video via Beyond the Buzzer)

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