A toast to the 2013 New York Mets

Mike Oz

Editor's note: We're saying goodbye to teams mathematically eliminated from the 2013 MLB season with a toast. Want to contribute? Follow @BigLeagueStew on Twitter and await our call for submissions. Next up, the New York Mets.

We could write something about the New York Mets, their 64-81 record, the fact that they only won 24 games at home so far this season and have an unfortunate .240 team batting average.

Surely, we'd talk about the break-through performance by ace Matt Harvey and the heartbreak that followed with his elbow injury. That's certainly fodder for a toast.

But as we thought about the Mets, we couldn't help but think of the most LOLMets moment of the season. It's more of a toast than any words could be.

Now, as usual, we'll let readers toast the 2013 Mets:

ALREADY: Houston Astros, Miami Marlins, Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox, Milwaukee Brewers, San Francisco Giants.

UP NEXT: The Colorado Rockies have also been eliminated. We're taking submissions now. Send your toasts to @BigLeagueStew on Twitter using the #MLBToasts hashtag. The San Diego Padres, Minnesota Twins and Philadelphia Phillies are next closest to elimination.

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