Reminder: Yasiel Puig has a cannon for an arm (Video)

Mike Oz

Baseball fans have spent months talking about Yasiel Puig, but because he's Yasiel Puig most of it has to do with him driving fast or whether he plays the game "the right way" (whatever that means). As his Los Angeles Dodgers are preparing to start the MLB season this weekend in Australia, playing two games against the Arizona Diamondbacks, we just thought we'd remind you that Puig has a cannon for an arm.

He showed it off Thursday during an exhibition game against a team of Australian all-stars. As much as that's a great throw by Puig, it's also pretty obvious that the baserunner had no business going home. The announcers almost laughed he was out by so much.

Kinda makes you wonder what Puig can do with a boomerang, eh?

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