Photo: A glimpse into Andrew McCutchen’s future thanks to Vernon Wells?

Mark Townsend

It's never a bad idea when players prepare for life after baseball. Even the perennial MVP candidates like Andrew McCutchen would be wise to have something lined up just in case life throws them a curveball in the dirt that they can't lay off of.

In fact, at first glance on Saturday, that's exactly what it looked like McCutchen was doing when New York Yankees outfielder Vernon Wells snapped and posted the following photo on Twitter.

From All-Star to Little League umpire? Is that really you Andrew McCutchen?

Not quite. McCutchen was actually spotted in downtown Pittsburgh on Saturday meeting and greeting fans. But it's almost too close to call without a little closer examination and Wells' 30 years down the road comment. Perhaps the gentlemen umpiring Wells' son's game is even McCutchen's doppelganger. He could certainly pass for him at a Halloween party, and may even have a good shot at eating dinner for free in Pittsburgh.

The look. The hair. The body type. It's all so uncanny that even McCutchen had to appreciate the photo.

It's actually quite hilarious. About the only thing that could be funnier is a David Ortiz lookalike standing out there with a clicker and umpire's shirt. Maybe somebody, somewhere, can make that happen.

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