Man banned from Fenway after allegedly sneaking into Red Sox clubhouse and grabbing Mike Napoli’s mitt

David Brown

Security breach at Fenway Park! The Boston Red Sox clubhouse has been compromised. Reports out of Boston say team security found 23-year-old Thomas Robbins of Concord Mass. inside of the home clubhouse at Fenway about 2:30 a.m. Sunday, not long after the Red Sox beat the Detroit Tigers in Game 6 of the American League Championship Series.

Robbins allegedly was seen holding the first baseman's mitt of Red Sox slugger Mike Napoli, but dropped it once he was spotted before leaving the clubhouse. CBS in Boston takes it from there (figuratively):

When he was confronted by officers in the players’ parking lot, he claimed he was lost and did not know how he ended up there.

Security told police they don’t know how Robbins was able to get into the clubhouse, but noted that he may have been in the press box earlier because he had credentials from Major League Baseball and the Red Sox public relations department in his pocket.

Napoli’s glove, according to the police report, is worth $450.

Boy, gloves are expensive these days. How hard would it be to field dress a cow, anyway? Asking for a friend.

Robbins was released on $300 bail and told to return to court in December, but also to stay away from Fenway in the meantime. If he had gotten away with Napoli's mitt, at least David Ortiz's mitt could be used in a pinch for the World Series, which starts Wednesday. That's called organizational depth.

But about this personal ban. In normal times, police would have no trouble spotting this guy at the gates. But with all of the beard-growing happening on the Red Sox and the fake beards fans wear to show solidarity, what is to prevent this guy from coming back in a disguise? There's no way the cops could check every man wearing a fake beard. What if this fella gets back into the clubhouse and steals Xander Bogaerts, or the World Series Cup?

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