Jason Grilli joins Pearl Jam on stage in Pittsburgh and delivers a passionate speech to Pirates fans

Mike Oz

Warning: Video contains NSFW language.

Pittsburgh Pirates closer Jason Grilli had better things to do Friday night than watch the first game of the NLCS, the series his team was one victory away from making this season. Grilli, instead, went to see Pearl Jam play at Pittsburgh's Consol Energy Center.

We know Grilli digs Pearl Jam, because he uses "Whipping" as his entrance song. After Friday night, we know Pearl Jam digs Grilli too.

The band — which, by the way, will soundtrack the World Series — brought the Pirates pitcher on stage. Someone handed Grilli a microphone and gave him a few moments to talk to the Pittsburgh fans.

The result was a passionate speech in which a fired-up Grilli said, "I love this city. I love you guys ... Next year is our [expletive] year."

Then the band started to play "Whipping" and Grilli roamed around the stage rocking out and playing air guitar. It wasn't the NLCS. But it wasn't a bad way to spend a Friday night either.

The postseason is upon us. Spend it with The Stew.
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