Fan dashes onto the field during Rays game in only his tighty-whiteys and tries to steal second base

Mike Oz
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If you thought the dancing Kansas City Royals fan with the jiggly belly needed to show the baseball world less of himself, then get a load of this dude from the Tampa Bay Rays game on Monday night. It was, apparently, "expose yourself" night in MLB and no one bothered to send out the memo.

This Rays fan gives us what could be interpreted as a Walter White tribute by stripping down to his tighty-whiteys. His attempt at "Breaking Bad" then included jumping onto the field, dashing toward second base and trying to steal it. Like, lift it out of the ground, that kind of "stealing." Reports from the scene say the daring streaker did a flip out of the stands to get onto the field.

Now, kids, before you get the idea that this is fun and won't have any real consequences, here are some pictures of the immediate consequences.

We've seen misbehaving fans end up in legal trouble this year too. So keep that in mind too. This doesn't even take into account how being "the guy who ran onto the field in his underwear" would follow you around in life in the Internet age.

The only scenario in which this guy deserves a pat on the back is if this was his ploy to wake up the people of the Tampa/St. Petersburg area. Here we had an important game between two teams trying to hold on to Wild Card berths and only 10,724 people attended. Wake up, Rays fans ... and wear all your clothes too.

UPDATE: Thanks to a Tampa Tribune report, we now know that the streaker is an 19-year-old named Charles Ross, who the Tribune calls a "known prankster." His previous exploits include a wedgie spree in a movie theater. Watch the video below for more. Ross was booked in jail for resisting a merchant, trespassing and disorderly conduct. He spent 15 hours locked up then was released. Sounds like someone has watched too much "Jackass."

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