Bob Costas throws terrible first pitch, takes a mulligan, throws a strike (Video)

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

Bob Costas, you rascally guy, you.

We've seen plenty of people bungle ceremonial first pitches in recent years, but not until Costas on Tuesday night at the St. Louis Cardinals' game, have we seen someone throw a terrible first pitch, ask for a second chance and actually get it.

This is surely a sign of Costas' great power within baseball. Because 50 Cent, Carly Rae Jepsen and Miss Texas never got a do-over.

Costas' pitch wasn't nearly as bad as any of theirs. It was way outside, but it reached the plate (and A.J. Pierzynski might have caught it, if he wasn't so busy looking at his phone, eh Boston?) We probably wouldn't even be talking about this had Costas not begged for another chance. 

Bob Costas loves your jokes. (USA TODAY Sports)
Bob Costas loves your jokes. (USA TODAY Sports)

A broadcaster of Costas' stature, whose love for baseball is well documented, couldn't settle for "juuuuust a bit outside" and managed to sail his second attempt right over the plate. It will always come with asterisk, though, Bob.

The Stew is quite aware that a good number of people out there don't care for Costas (mostly because of his editorializing during Sunday Night Football). Furthermore, they love to take shots at him in the comments section.

So we've taken the liberty of preparing a few retorts that you can use about Costas and his two first pitches, just to make things easier. Copy and paste as necessary:

• "Stick to talking about sports, Bob, and not trying to play them."

• "If Costas wasn't against guns, maybe he'd be able to fire a better first pitch than that!"

• "Pushing the liberal agenda again, eh Bob? Thinking you deserve a second chance? Typical liberal behavior."

That about cover it? Or are you guys going to surprise us with your Costas hate?

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