Carnival Triumph cruise ship breaks away from shipyard

Eric Pfeiffer

The bad news just keeps coming from the seemingly cursed Carnival cruise ship Triumph.

Strong winds unmoored the Triumph from a dock in Mobile, Ala., where it was undergoing engine repairs, and blew a guard shack two docks over into the water.

"Due to strong winds in Mobile, Ala., Carnival Triumph, which was docked at a Mobile shipyard, broke away from its moorings," Carnival said in a statement. "The ship drifted and is currently resting against a cargo vessel. Tug boats and the U.S. Coast Guard are on site."

Back in February, some 3,100 passengers were stranded on the Triumph for days after an engine room fire left the cruise ship stranded at sea. In March, 17 passengers from the ship filed a federal lawsuit against Carnival, saying they suffered physical harm and feared for their lives during the ordeal.

Mobile Fire-Rescue announced on its Twitter account that a guard who had been in the shack was rescued, but that a second shipyard worker remains missing. (It's unclear whether he was also in the shack.) That report has been backed up by CNN. Petty Officer Second Class Bill Colclough told the AP that a crew is searching the Mobile River for the man.

The Mobile area has been hit by heavy rain and winds all day, with the National Weather Service saying winds had reached up to 35 mph.

NBC News says that the Triumph struck a moored Army Corps boat after it drifted away from the dock, but that no one on the vessel was harmed in the incident.