Waves from Hurricane Irene sweep eight off Florida jetty

Liz Goodwin
August 26, 2011

As Hurricane Irene makes it way toward North Carolina, where it's expected to make landfall early Saturday morning, video footage of the storm is beginning to surface.

The storm weakened to a Category 2 as it reached Florida's waters, the Associated Press reported, but it could pick up steam again.

The video below appears to show the first injuries from the storm, as eight people were swept off a jetty near West Palm Beach by giant waves. According to the Palm Beach Post, one of the eight is in a hospital in serious condition. The waves crashed over people in Boynton Beach, Florida, who ventured out to a jetty to watch the storm.

Orlando WESH 2 News meteorologist Dan Billow was also hit by a rogue wave while trying to report on erosion caused by the storm. "It almost took me out of here," he says.

This video below shows Irene blasting the Bahamas. According to CBS, there have been no reports of major injuries from the storm yet, which passed the islands this morning. But up to 90 percent of homes on two sparsely populated islands, called Acklins and Crooked, are severely damaged. Winds were up to 120 miles per hour.