Videos show upstate New York, Vermont Irene flooding

Liz Goodwin
The Lookout

Hurricane Irene failed to be the apocalyptic, big-city disaster scenario that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg had spelled out late last week, but the storm still managed to leave 5 million homes and businesses without power and dozens dead.

The storm caused some of the worst flooding in a century in Vermont, and also submerged small upstate New York towns that are just now able to take stock of the damage.

This ABC News report, below, shows the frightening flooding in New York and Vermont--including dramatic footage of a covered bridge washing out near Rockingham, Vermont:

A North Carolina road was completely washed out by the storm. You can see flood waters bisecting Highway 12, which connects Hatteras and Ocracoke islands to the mainland, in the video below. The collapse left more than 2,000 people on the islands stranded from the North Carolina mainland. Six deaths have been reported in the state, most from falling trees.

A Philadelphia computer engineer set up a webcam to monitor the level of water rising in his townhouse after he evacuated. He adopted a positive attitude about the severe flooding that he watched from safety. "It's stuff--it can be replaced," he said.

Another video shows emergency officials rescuing an elderly couple from a flooded car in Mount Holly, Vermont. And this one shows a Fox reporter in Ocean City, Maryland getting pelted with foul-smelling sea foam, which most likely contained raw sewage.