Moore tornado aftermath: Videos show jaw-dropping destruction

Dylan Stableford

A day after a massive tornado tore through Moore, Okla., photos, video footage and eyewitness accounts painted a chilling picture of the destruction left by the deadly F4 storm.

Mangled heaps of debris stretched for some 20 miles in the Oklahoma City suburb. Two dozen people, including children, were killed during Monday's storm, and officials warned the death toll could climb as rescue crews and volunteers worked to clear the rubble.

In an interview with "Good Morning America" (below), a teacher at Briarwood Elementary—one of two schools leveled by the tornado—described how she kept the children who survived safe.

"My class goes to PE, music and art at the very end of the day, so we had already prepared our backpacks," said first-grade teacher Sheri Bittle. "I had them put their backpacks over their heads."

Jason Leger, who rode out the tornado in his storm cellar, captured footage of the twister approaching and the "eerie calm" as he emerged with his family after it passed.

Watch videos taken in the aftermath of the tornado below: