U.S. gave haven to Nazis, federal report reveals

Zachary Roth
Senior National Affairs Reporter
The Lookout

A newly released Justice Department report reveals that the U.S. granted haven to some Nazis after the Second World War. In one case, CIA officials sent internal memos debating whether an associate of Adolf Eichmann who went on to work for the CIA should deny his ties to the Nazis or "explain it away on the basis of extenuating circumstances."

The report challenges a central piece of America's self-image as siding with the oppressed of the world over their oppressors. "America, which prided itself on being a safe haven for the persecuted, became -- in some small measure -- a safe haven for persecutors as well," the Justice Department authors write.

You can read more about this fascinating report, and see the report itself, in the New York Times.

(Photo: AP)