Have student loan debt? Tell Yahoo News your story

Phoebe Connelly
The Lookout

Are you one of the estimated 37 million Americans with student loan debt? We want to hear about the trade-offs you've made in order to send in that monthly payment. Has it affected your career choices? Have you delayed marriage or starting a family as a result of your debt? Do you wish you had borrowed less money to go to school?

Or, has taking on debt had positive effects, like helping you achieve your goals? Would you sign those promissory notes all over again if you were given the choice, because those tens of thousands of dollars spent on your education created opportunities that wouldn't otherwise have been available to you?

As part of our Down But Not Out series, which looks at the effects of the economic downturn on Yahoo! News readers, we want to hear about the choices you've made as a result of student loan debt. Please email your story, along with your name, city and state, phone number, and the year you graduated to economycrowdsourcing@yahoo.com. We'll publish a selection of your stories at Yahoo! News.

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