Skydivers miss airport, land on Navy sub base

Dylan Stableford
The Lookout

A pair of skydivers say strong winds blew them off course on Sunday, causing them to land inside a high-security U.S. Navy submarine base in Georgia.

The skydivers missed nearby St. Marys Airport and were taken into custody after they landed on a baseball field at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay.

According to The Associated Press, the base is the East Coast hub for the Navy's nuclear-missile armed submarines.

Cathy Kloess, the owner of a skydiving business that operates from the airport, told The Florida Times-Union that the Navy called her Sunday to say it had two jumpers in custody. The pair were eventually released.

"They definitely don't want people landing on their military installation,'' Kloess said. "They were very stern with us."

According to the paper, the airspace above Kings Bay is restricted, "meaning no planes or skydivers are allowed," but Kloess said that these jumpers were more than a mile from the base when they deplaned.

The military is investigating the incident, the AP said.

On Saturday, a small plane crashed into an Illinois neighborhood shortly after 12 skydivers jumped from it. The pilot was killed.

Also on Saturday, a stranded jet skier who had run out of gas came ashore near New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport, climbed an eight-foot security fence and walked across two large runways toward the closest airport terminal—"a distance judged to be about two miles," NPR said—before walking up to a worker on the tarmac.

The man was arrested, but not before breaching the Port Authority's $100 million security system by accident.