Seven students in wealthy school district arrested in SAT cheating scandal

Liz Goodwin

New York authorities arrested seven former and current students at a top-ranked Long Island high school after charging that one of them, 19-year-old Sam Eshaghoff, collected up to $2,500 a pop to impersonate the others while taking the SAT.

Eshaghoff, who attends Emory University, is even accused of impersonating a female student in one case, the AP reports. (Eshaghoff allegedly did not charge her a fee, as he did with the other students in the case.)  It's not clear how he pulled off this particular case of mistaken identity, since students have to present a photo ID that matches the name on their SAT admission ticket before administrators of the test permit them to proceed. He scored around 2200 on each test, just 200 points lower than a perfect score. You can watch a video report on the scandal below, courtesy of NBC Nightly News.