Police officer and good Samaritans lift SUV off trapped girl

Mike Krumboltz

Harrowing dash-cam footage shows officer Steve Nunez of the New Mexico State Police and some good Samaritans lifting an overturned SUV off of a little girl last week.

Nunez spoke with KOAT.com about the incident. "It's always hard to see anybody in that situation, but especially children," he said. "And daddy mode kicked in."

Nunez explained that the 8-year-old girl was face down under the SUV. "Momentarily she stopped breathing," he told KOAT.

Nunez and a bystander tried to lift the SUV, but couldn't. The officer called over more good Samaritans, and eventually they were able to put the SUV onto its side and pull out the girl. In the dash-cam footage, Nunez can be seen running back to his patrol car to radio for medical help.

The girl was rushed to the University of New Mexico hospital. KOAT reports that she is expected to make a full recovery.