NRA representative banned from using a gun

Claudine Zap

A National Rifle Association representative has been barred from carrying a gun.

Richard D’Alauro, the NRA field representative for New York City, had 39 guns removed from his home under an order of protection coming after a domestic dispute, reports the New York Daily News, back in 2010.

Last October, after pleading guilty to a charge of harassing his wife, The NRA official was banned from purchasing or carrying arms for one year. His gun rights will be reinstated and his firearms will be returned to him this October.

Maribeth D’Alauro, who divorced her husband after the incident, told the News she had suffered “years of domestic violence” but was “too afraid to ever call the police on him.” She described him as a “bully” who used the same confrontational tactics as the NRA leaders do in political situations.

Richard D’Alauro’s lawyer, John Ray, said an NRA representative without a gun is “of no significance whatsoever,” because gun ownership is not a requirement of NRA employees.

The NRA has been in the spotlight since 26 people were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.. The December massacre led President Barack Obama to call for stricter gun-control measures in his State of the Union address. Bills are being written now to require such things as universal background checks, limits on high-capacity magazines and a ban on assault weapons.