Moment the lights went out in NYC (VIDEO)

Claudine Zap

Talk about perfect timing to capture an awful moment: Sean Blackwell was filming the flooding from Hurricane Sandy on the Lower East Side of New York City at the intersection of Eighth Street and Avenue C at the moment of the blackout.

As the camera pans across the intersection, a mind-boggling view of water-logged streets and flooded cars, when, suddenly, the lights go out. Not just at that corner, but across many parts of the city.

The video, called "apocalyptic" by the blog Hypervocal, was posted by New York Daily News on Oct. 29. It quickly captured the attention of the Web with more than 258,000 views.

"Welcome to Loisaida," a street sign that elicited comments from some viewers, refers to a local point of interest. "Loisaida" is slang for "lower east side," derived from Latinos' pronunciation of the neighborhood in lower Manhattan, and was coined in the 1970s. It's used as an alternative name for Avenue C, which sometime soon will be a street again instead of a river.