Man who faked his death arrested again

Claudine Zap
Claudine Zap
The Lookout

First, he faked his death. Now that same man has allegedly impersonated a cop. Twice.

According to the New York Post, Raymond Roth, who was arrested last year for faking his own drowning at a beach off Long Island, is suspected of trying two times to lure women into his van by pretending to be a police officer—in one case, hours after he was sentenced for his other crime.

The alleged incidents happened days apart, according to the Post. The first time, the woman refused to get in the car and ran. Roth briefly chased her on foot. The second time happened hours after he was sentenced for faking his death.

Reports the Post:

Roth pulled up next to another Freeport woman and invited her into his vehicle, cops said. He said he was a police officer. When she refused, he threatened to arrest her, cops said.

Roth also followed her on foot until the victim entered a check cashing store and asked employees to lock him out, cops said.

Staffers called 911, but he fled before police arrived.

The 48-year-old recently pleaded guilty to a conspiracy charge for plotting with his son to stage his disappearance in order to collect $400,000 in insurance money. After his son reported his dad had gone swimming and never returned, authorities conducted a fruitless air and sea search that lasted for several days in Long Island.

The gig was up when Roth’s wife found emails between her husband and son that detailed the criminal plan. Roth was not in the ocean; instead, he was on his way to a Florida time-share.

His sentence includes a 90-day prison term and a $37,000 fine so “taxpayers won't foot the bill for this scam,” Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice told the Associated Press. If Roth doesn’t pay up, he could face more prison time. The case against Roth’s 22-year-old son is pending.

The charges don’t stop there: Police expect to add two counts of first-degree criminal impersonation, attempted burglary and attempted kidnapping.