A lucky Lotto mistake

Mike Krumboltz

What's better than winning $25 million in the lottery? How about winning $25 million when you never even intended to play?

That's exactly what happened to Kathy Scruggs, 44, of Lithonia, Georgia. Scruggs, who won the state's Powerball jackpot last month, recently told lotto officials that she never meant to buy the ticket. The convenience-store clerk misunderstood her request.

See Scruggs reaction here on CBS News.

CNN's This Just In blog explains that Scruggs asked the store clerk for a Mega Millions ticket. Apparently the clerk thought Scruggs also said "Powerball" and charged her for that one, too. Scruggs didn't bother to raise a stink--probably the best decision the 44-year-old ever made.

Scruggs chose the cash option and will get $15,124,017 (before taxes). She has big plans for her new windfall. According to the AP, Scruggs "plans to buy a car, travel, and help her family and others." CNN reports that she'd like to start a foundation for the homeless--and to use the money to help provide dental care to those who can't afford it.

Baljit Suddan, the store clerk who sold Scruggs the ticket, doesn't remember making the sale. She said she hopes Scruggs will come in and visit so Suddan can "see her lucky face." The winning numbers were 16, 41, 42, 50 and 59, plus 5 as the Powerball.

Prior to winning the big jackpot, Scruggs had been looking for work. "I've been looking and looking and looking," she told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. We're guessing her job hunt is now on the back burner.