Lightning strikes, knocks out power during live weather forecast in Boston

Ron Recinto

Boston meteorologist Todd Gutner learned Wednesday that sometimes you get the weather right ... but sometimes the weather gets you.

While he was delivering a 5 p.m. report for WBZ-TV about torrential rains and lightning, a bolt apparently struck the studio, momentarily knocking out power to the station and leaving Gutner in the dark.

He later tweeted, "I glad I dnt use profanity when bolt struck the building, scared the #@%& out of me!"

The professional rolled with it as his radar map flickered back on, leaving him silhouetted and silent for about 15 seconds.

His sound turned back on, and he calmly explained he was in the dark and unsure if viewers could hear him. He said the studio most likely was on generator power and said, "We just took a potent lightning strike probably right to the rooftop or to our transmitter."

Gutner continued delivering the severe weather situation using only the light from green-hued radar map.

"I don't know if you hear me at home. I don't know if you see me at home. If you do either one, just keep listening. I'm going to keep doing this."

Full power was soon restored as he delivered the rest of the day's reports with the aid of studio lights.

He later tweeted "And I will never forget this ... the station took a lightning strike during my 5PM weathercast!"