Indiana state Democrats may walk out on union bill

Liz Goodwin
February 22, 2011

Indiana may soon follow Wisconsin's lead as Democratic state lawmakers consider walking out to prevent the legislature from voting on a proposal that would weaken private-sector unions. Republicans want to overturn the state law that requires private sector workers to belong to a union and pay dues if the union is bargaining on their behalf, The Wall Street Journal reports. About 22 states have similar laws.

Meanwhile, labor protests are expected today in Ohio, Minnesota and several other state capitols.

In Wisconsin, the state's AFL-CIO chapter released a television ad slamming Republican Gov. Scott Walker for trying to end collective bargaining rights and dividing public workers in the process. The ad features a firefighter who urges all unionized workers in the state to band together, which is an apparent reference to Walker excepting firefighters and some other public workers from his proposal.

You can watch the ad below:

(Thousands fill the Wisconsin capitol last Wednesday: AP)