Hilariously fake Louisiana ‘swamp monster’, ugh, raises eyebrows

Brett Michael Dykes

This is why slow news days are dangerous.

A viewer who asked to remain anonymous (hmmm...nothing fishy about that!) submitted a photo taken by a camera mounted on a deer stand of an "alien-looking thing" to WVLA -- the NBC affiliate in Baton Rouge, La. Some are calling it a "swamp monster." MSNBC even ran a segment on it this afternoon, and Twitter is all, well, atwitter over it. So will this be the next "monster" to captivate the nation?

Probably not.

The unnamed viewer claims that picture was taken in Berwick, La, a tiny community near the coastal town of Morgan City, La, and that the camera that took it, along with the deer stand it was mounted to, were destroyed, presumably by the creature captured in the photo. However, the camera's SIM card remained intact, allowing the owner to retrieve the pictures off of it.

You can watch a WVLA story on the photo below:

Seeing as Baton Rouge, and indeed, most of Louisiana, has become Hollywood South in recent years, our first thought was that this might be an attempt at viral marketing for an upcoming film. But as it turns out, it's most likely just a lame prank being played by run-of-the-mill tricksters.