Good Samaritan helps Long Island family escape fire

Mike Krumboltz

After a fire broke out at a Long Island home, a man risked his life to help rescue the family inside.

Jeff Arnold's home was destroyed in the blaze. "Everything is gone," Arnold told WABC. "There's nothing left. It's just a disaster."

Things may have been even worse if not for a brave stranger who happened to be driving by. The man, Frank Archipolo, saw the ominous smoke from the road, pulled over and rushed toward the house.

"I wasn't thinking about myself at the time. I was just thinking of who was in there," Archipolo said. "The first thing I did was run up, I saw the wife and the husband. I'm yelling, 'Get the people out of the house, get everybody out.'"

The 59-year-old welder also warned neighbors about the possibility of the fire spreading.

Arnold, who had yet to meet the the man who helped out, told WABC, "There was somebody at the door. I don't know if it was him. I assume it was. Somebody did help my wife out."

Arnold added, "I'm glad he was there."