FIRST LOOK: United Arab Emirates donates $1 mil to Joplin schools

Liz Goodwin

Welcome to First Look, our daily roundup of early-bird news:

• Four out of six Republicans in Wisconsin survived the recall vote spurred by anger over Gov. Scott Walker's labor policies. (Washington Post)

• The recently discovered tribe of 200 in the Amazon has already disappeared, and the Brazilian government is blaming drug traffickers. (Gawker)

• Philadelphia's mayor has set a 9 pm curfew for teens following a series of "flash mob" assaults. (CNN)

• Polygamist leader Warren Jeffs was sentenced to life in prison for sexual assault. (AP)

• Border checks are making it harder for Mexican immigrants to return to Mexico. (New York Times)

• The United Arab Emirates has pledged $1 million to give students laptops in tornado-ravaged Joplin schools. (AP)

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