FINAL LOOK: Vast majority of Americans don’t believe in evolution

Brett Michael Dykes

Here's our roster of stories that somehow managed to evade the full-on blog treatment:

• A new poll found that 78% of Americans don't believe in evolution. (Gallup)

• The pope said that rampant sexual abuse by Catholic priests has reached a "degree we could not have imagined." (New York Times)

• An American journalist claims Julian Assange stole his girlfriend just prior to being charged with sexual assault in Sweden. (Daily Mail)

• The Senate again passed the immensely popular food safety overhaul bill. (The Hill)

• Some Wall Street bankers are freaking out over potential cuts in their annual bonuses. (New York Times)

• Speaking of Wall Street, this apparently is what the Christmas list of a girl dating a Wall Street banker looks like. (Velvet in Dupont)

• Bill Richardson went to North Korea and negotiated a deal to allow weapon inspectors in the country. (FDL)