Ferry crashes into NYC pier, injuring dozens

Liz Goodwin
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A ferry taking commuters from Highlands, N.J., into Lower Manhattan slammed into a pier Wednesday morning, injuring nearly 60 people on board, police say.

NY1 reports that multiple emergency responders are at the scene evaluating people's injuries after the ferry's hard landing. A few commuters were seen being wheeled away on stretchers into ambulances, while others are being treated at the scene. At least one commuter is in critical condition with a head injury, according to authorities. ABC News reports that the man is currently in surgery.

Photos from the scene showed a gaping hole in the side of the ferry that was ripped open in the crash.

The Seastreak ferry runs multiple routes from New Jersey into Manhattan's Wall Street area. The Highlands area was hit hard by superstorm Sandy in October.

In 2003, a Staten Island ferry crashed, leaving 11 people dead and more than 70 injured.

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