Father, daughter deploy together for Afghanistan

Mike Krumboltz
The Lookout

Michael and Miranda Mogg (Norm Johnston/Watertown Daily Times)
Michael and Miranda Mogg (Norm Johnston/Watertown Daily Times)

The Watertown Daily Times reports that Spc. Miranda A. Mogg, a 21-year-old intelligence analyst, is deploying for Afghanistan with her father, 47-year-old Chief Warrant Officer 5 Michael A. Mogg.

Ms. Mogg may give briefings to her father as well as the roughly 1,800 members of the brigade when they deploy in the next month.

Mr. Mogg joked that "for once she [his daughter] gets to tell me what to do." He serves as master gunner for the 10th Combat Aviation Brigade. This will mark his fifth deployment in a 20-year career. The deployment will be his daughter's first. She's been in the Army for two years.

"It’s surreal,” Ms. Mogg told the paper. “I grew up with him always away, and now I get a chance to be out there.” Her mother also served in the Army for four years.

While it is always nice to have family nearby, Mr. Mogg joked that he was worried that his daughter might spy on him for her mom. “If I eat something wrong, she’s going to ‘narc’ on me,” he said.