Colorado shooting victim remains in ICU as wife gives birth to first child

Ron Recinto
The Lookout

A woman whose husband was critically wounded in the Colorado movie theater shooting has given birth to the couple's first child.

Katie Medley gave birth to a boy named Hugo Jackson Medley on Tuesday at University of Colorado Hospital in Aurora, the same hospital where her husband, Caleb Medley, lies in critical but stable condition.

Caleb, 23, is suffering from a bullet wound to an eye, according to a CBS News report. The hospital says Katie Medley, 21, and baby are doing great. Katie Medley was unhurt in the shooting.

But as Caleb slowly recovers, medical bills are mounting. According to Michael West, a friend of the couple's, Caleb, who is an aspiring comedian, does not have health insurance. And medical bills could near $2 million, according to the CBS report.

So West has started a website to collect donations. So far it has raised almost $86,000.

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Meanwhile, a horde of mostly anonymous donors has contributed nearly $2 million to a network of nonprofits that are helping those injured in the Aurora movie theater shooting on Friday. Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures are among the donors, but most who gave have asked to remain anonymous, according to Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper's office.

Caleb and Katie Medley went to the midnight showing of "The Dark Knight Rises" in Aurora as a last date before officially becoming parents, according to The Associated Press.

Katie's father, David Sanchez, was one of the family members who attended the court appearance of James Holmes, who is suspected of shooting and killing 12 people and injuring 58 at a showing of the new Batman movie in Aurora.

"She is going to be hurting and damaged for a long time," Sanchez told CBS-4 Denver. "She needs to take care of her husband and everybody needs to pray for them."

[Yahoo News national affairs reporter Liz Goodwin contributed to this report.]