Bags from Gap’s ‘FEED USA’ campaign actually made in China

Liz Goodwin

Gap's well-meaning anti-hunger charity campaign FEED USA has hit a bit of a messaging road bump.

The FEED USA bags that are intended to raise money for the country's school lunch programs were made in China, not America, despite promotional materials that declared otherwise, according to a photo snapped by one eagle-eyed shopper, shown. The patriotic bags adorned with American flags are advertised with materials that proclaim they are "Made in USA," which you can see in these photos reportedly taken by Thomas Martin (flagged by the blog BrandChannel).

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Two of the five FEED USA bags listed on Gap's website are said to be "imported," but the bag shown in the photo above is described as made in the USA on the website. The bags cost between $19.50 to $39.50, and for each bag bought, $5 goes to school lunch programs.

We'll update this post with comment from Gap's PR department once someone there gets back to us.

UPDATE: Gap spokeswoman Renate Geerlings responded in an e-mail that the company regrets "any misunderstanding" that may have been caused. She said some of the bags in the "FEED USA" collection are made in America.

"However, the FEED USA Denim Bucket bags are made in China, and should not have been connected to the made in the USA signs. We apologize for any inaccurate messaging."

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Former President George W. Bush's niece Lauren Bush is a FEED Projects co-founder. Here she is talking about the campaign:

Lauren Bush Discusses FEED Projects @ Yahoo! Video

(Photo via imgur)

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