94-year-old woman lost home for second time in tornado, helped neighbors survive in shelter

Mike Krumboltz
The Lookout

Nancy Davis, a 94-year-old resident of Moore, Oklahoma, lost her house during Monday's tornado. It was the second time a tornado had destroyed her home, CBS News reports.

In 1999, Davis lost another home to another massive tornado that killed 36 people. Following that deadly twister, Davis rebuilt her home on the same land, according to CBS News. Fortunately, she also built a small storm shelter.

During Monday's storm, Davis helped several neighbors, including a pregnant woman and a two-year-old boy, by letting them stay in her 5-by-7-foot shelter as the tornado raged.

Speaking with CBS News, Davis said the storm was incredibly loud. "We couldn't hear ourselves it was so loud," she told CBS News. "It was like the world was falling on us completely. I never heard of such terrible, terrible noises, it was horrible."

The shelter proved invaluable, but Davis now finds herself without a home for the second time. Speaking to CBS News, Davis said, "What am I going to do? Am I going to go in a rest home? I don't need to rest."

The National Weather Service said the tornado was a rare top-of-the-scale EF-5 twister, with winds of at least 200 mph. It was on the ground for a total of 40 minutes. At least 24 were killed, including 9 children.