Amazing video shows transformers exploding in Fort Worth

CBS 11 Web Staff

FORT WORTH — As storms rolled through the Metroplex Tuesday night amateur photographer Brian Luenser had his camera trained on the sky and captured some amazing photographs of lightning raining down on the city of Fort Worth.

Luenser, who lives in downtown Fort Worth's Tower building, went to his balcony with camera in hand as the storm rolled in. "I love taking pictures of storms and lightning," said the amateur photographer. And with his vantage point from the 34th floor he has a view of the world that few people get to see.

Link: See more of Brian Luenser's photos

Then at about 9:30 p.m. Luenser caught an amazing light show on the ground as power transformers began to explode. One by one the transformers lit-up in an unbelievable chain reaction that lasted about thirty minutes.

"It was definitely a right-place, right-time kind of moment" said Luenser as the sky glowed a brilliant blue, red and orange from the electrical flashes. "It looked like World War Three was going on below."

After the event was over about 5,000 people were briefly without power according to Oncor. Most of the power has since been restored.

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