Winter Skin Care

Katie Couric
Global Anchor
Katie's Take

Katie's Take

Remember those old commercials for Lubriderm, "See you later, alligator?"

The wintertime has many of us feeling a bit reptilian, dry and flaky. All that cold, dry air is the culprit. I spoke to Dr. Lisa Airan, a board-certified cosmetic dermatologist practicing in New York City, whose remedies provide a soft solution for winter skin.

Hydration is key. We might think we need to drink more water in the summer, but it's just as critical in the colder months. Caffeine and alcohol dehydrate your skin, so she recommends avoiding them.

Everyone loves a long hot shower when the weather outside is frightful, but the hot water will dry skin out and eliminate natural oils. Dr. Airan suggests a short luke warm shower in order to keep in some moisture. Also, moisturizers applied in the shower or directly after patting down with a towel will lock in the moisture.

Maintaining a comfortable humidity in your home will not only help remedy dry skin but it will keep away other winter time worries such as the flu. Dr. Airan strongly encourages installing a humidifier and keeping the humidity at a comfortable level so that the air at home doesn't exacerbate your dry skin.

It's also vital to shield the most sensitive areas from the cold such as lips, face and hands by wearing gloves and a scarf.

Hydrate, moisturize, and humidify, and you’ll have smooth and supple skin all year long!