The Ultimate Breakfast Smoothie

Ashley Phillips
Katie's Take

Today Katie is going to teach us how to make the ultimate breakfast smoothie with the help of
David Jack from Men’s Health magazine.

“I noticed kale,” Katie said, “and I’m really into kale these days. I think everybody is – it’s so trendy”
Well, not only is it trendy, it’s super nutritious.

“Will that not make the smoothie taste a little nasty?” Katie asked.

“Let’s see what happens” , David said.

Some other ingredients that were not as questionable are absolute staples for all you health nuts out there
looking to make a killer breakfast smoothie.

-Banana will give your smoothie texture.
-Almond butter will also add great flavor has essential fats.
-Agave nectar.

Is agave really that much better for you than honey?, Asked Katie
“It’s a great natural sweetener,” David noted.

Also, ch-ch-ch-Chia –it’s not just a commercial from the 90’s, it packs a punch
and is also a good source of fiber.

-Greek yogurt adds protein and vitamin D.

“Are there some things you should never put in a smoothie,” Katie asked David.

“Ice cream,” he said.