Shirley MacLaine Reminisces About Old Hollywood

Stefan Doyno
Katie's Take
Shirley MacLaine Reminisces About Old Hollywood

Shirley MacLaine is Hollywood royalty.

She's won an Academy Award, an Emmy, multiple Golden Globes, and most recently, an AFI Lifetime Achievement Award. Oh, and you may know her brother, another Hollywood star, Warren Beatty.

Shirley stopped by to discuss her new book “Sage-ing While Age-ing,” and give some inside dish on the men of old Hollywood.

"In the book you talk about memories from your Hollywood days,” Katie said, “and you worked on the legendary Paramount lot in the bungalows. Next to you were Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Burt Lancaster, Elvis Presley. What was it like to have those guys as neighbors?"

"Dean was the funny one," Shirley said. "Dean was spontaneously hilarious. Jerry was very talented, extremely scientific about his comedy."

“What about Elvis?” Katie wondered.

"He was a darling, Katie!" she said, "I found him a sweet guy."

Katie also wanted to know if any of those legends had ever hit on Shirley. Shirley joked that not even the mob guys would hit on her. So why were all those guys afraid to approach her?

"I think I would laugh at them, and men know that," she said.

Shirley also said that Frank Sinatra was her guardian angel.

She explained their special bond and how he appreciated her brutal honesty. The two were so close that she even pulled quite a prank on the legendary singer when he forgot his lyrics.