Orgasm After Menopause?

Samara Mackereth
Katie's Take

Katie's Take

It is said that things get better with age, but many wonder if that is true in the bedroom. We asked sex and relationship experts to find out if there is still hot sex after the hot flashes.

As you age your body changes and, in some cases, so do your orgasms. Dr. Hilda Hutcherson explained that as the estrogen and testosterone levels go down with age, many women find that their orgasms may not be as intense as they were in their younger years.

“(After menopause) it takes longer to experience orgasm, and when you have it, it is not that intense,” said Dr. Hutcherson

But hope is not lost. Along with age, comes experience and some women find that they can enjoy their sex lives even more in their later years.

“They are more confident in themselves as sexual beings, they know about the parts of their bodies, they know what works for them, they are able to focus on pleasure so for some menopausal women it can get better,” said Dr. Hutcherson.

There is still a sex life to be had after menopause so women of ‘a certain age’ don’t have to trade in their lingerie. In most cases, according to Sex Therapist Laurie J. Watson, it may simply be about recognizing what you want and asking for it.

“So many male partners want to know,” said Watson. She recommends that women get enough courage to be open with their partners and spice it up in the bedroom.

Watson advises women to bring their own creativity and passion to the bedroom in such instances in order to “get the best of both worlds” in what they are ultimately looking for in a relationship – both emotionally and sexually.

And Dr. Andrew Goldstein says that you should not fear being playful, or even laughing, during sex. The most important factor in your sexual relationship is that both partners are enjoying themselves and having fun.

“Sex should be fun, it’s not supposed to be a serious thing, and laughter is a wonderful thing,” Dr. Goldstein elaborates. “Laughter increases all those good hormones in the body, to increase sex drive and endorphins and so all that good blood flow, too. And so laughter is a good thing about sex. Just don’t laugh at your partner. Laugh with your partner.”

So yes, there is sex after menopause but all the experts agree that you have to put effort into your relationship to keep your sex life happy and healthy.