Never Pay Full Price Ever Again

Samara Mackereth
Katie's Take

Katie's Take

Everyone loves a deal but what everyone might not know is that you never have to pay full price. Ever. Shopping expert Mark Ellwood has the tips to get you all access deals on everything you buy.

According to Ellwood, it may not be where you shop but when you shop that can alter the number on your receipts. And lucky for us, July is the best month to shop. The reason being is that mid-Summer is liquidation time for stores, as they are between holiday and fashion seasons. The month to avoid the mall, says Ellwood, is April. With tax returns lining people’s bank accounts, they feel rich and want to treat themselves and retailers know that which is why you will find far less discounts during the Spring months.

But you can get deals from the comfort of your own home by using sites like where you can pick your favorite brands or stores and be alerted via email when they are having sales or offering exclusive discounts. Companies are paying attention to your online activity so Ellwood recommends adding items you are interested in to your cart and then waiting. He says you may be surprised to see promo codes pop up in your email within the day.

But if you prefer shopping analog, getting a deal is as easy as being friendly. The sales assistant is the getaway to the inside track on deals. They hold the key to pre-sale prices, promotion and VIP discounts. Being friendly with the story employees can help you to get a deal when everyone else is paying full price. With Mark’s simple tips, you can be sure to never pay full price for anything, ever again.