Mel B. Hints at a Spice Girls Reunion?

Ashley Phillips
Katie's Take
Mel B. Hints at a Spice Girls Reunion?

Can you believe the Spice Girls are almost 20? Neither can we.

“Are you surprised that that song still resonates after all these years?” Katie asked, regarding the Spice Girls 1996 hit “Wannabe”

“That was our first song - the first song that introduced us as Spice Girls to the world,” Scary Spice said, “we wrote that song - it took us about – 6 minutes to write and I still find it to this day annoyingly cool.”

“How do you become a spice girl?” Katie wondered. “I don’t know how it happens,” Mel said, “it just did.”

The scary singer always had dreams of being an entertainer. “I always wanted to be in the entertainment world.”

Mel B says it was her calling. “I’ve got a very loud voice, and very big hair.”
So will the girls reunite? “When you think about the future – there might be a Spice Girls reunion?” Katie asked with anticipation. “I’m always the first one to say yes,” Mel said, “the Spice Girls are going to get back together. I don’t think it’s impossible.”

And with the 20th anniversary approaching, Scary Spice is Hopeful Spice. “We are gonna do something – we are!”