Lisa Whelchel Talks Career and Clooney

Stefan Doyno
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Lisa Whelchel Talks Career and Clooney

Actress Lisa Whelchel A.K.A the feisty Blair Warner from the classic series “The Facts of Life” swung by to talk about her career, how she stayed away from bad influences as a child star, and of course everybody’s favorite topic – George Clooney.

“How old were you when you did that show?” Katie asked.

“16 is when I started,” Lisa said.

“Was that a weird life for a 16 year old, or was that an incredible, fun life?” Katie added.

“It was all I had known,” Lisa admitted.

In addition to being on the Mickey Mouse club at 12, Lisa also had a few TV and movie roles.

Unlike many child stars, Lisa was able to keep her name out of the negative spotlight.

“We hear about all these child stars ,” Katie said, “and they turn out, you know, some not-so-good, and look at you, you’re so normal.”

Lisa explained that being an established actress at a young age and her connection to religion helped.

“The Facts of Life” cast was so tight, Lisa says, that they still stay in touch, but it’s that one guy from the show Katie wanted to know more about – George Clooney.

“Even with his mullet,” Katie said, “did you predict that he was going to be such a star?”

“No, I didn’t,“ Lisa admitted. “If I had known he was going to turn out so well, I think I would have worn make-up to the set a little bit more often.”

As for George’s acting chops, “Blair” was blunt – “He was really cute,” she said, “ but he wasn’t that great of an actor back then.”