Katie Loves Chachi

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Katie Loves Chachi

Scott Baio is back in New York and chatting with Katie. The former teen heartthrob from “Happy Days,” “Joanie Loves Chachi” and “Charles in Charge” is all grown up now. He now stars in “See Dad Run” as a sitcom TV star who becomes a stay-at-home dad to three children.

In real life, Scott has settled into family life quite nicely with wife Renee and 5-year-old daughter Bailey.

“How’s it going?” asked Katie.

“It’s fun. Having a child is an amazing experience,” he said. “There’s a lot of times where it’s hard and [you think] is it this much work sometimes?”

Scott started acting at 15 and became such a popular star in the '80s that Katie wondered how he was able to stay away from trouble and survive the pitfalls that many child stars face.

“How did you keep your head straight?” Katie asked.

Well, three things kept Scott in line: his mom, dad, and director Gary Marshall.

“My father told me when I was a little boy ‘If you do drugs, I’ll kill ya' and he wasn’t joking,” Scott said, “I guess he’d rather me die his way than that way.”

Working with Marshall was also a great way to steer clear from any harmful substances.

“The show [‘Happy Days’] was like a picnic every day. It was a lot of fun.”

Another reason to stay clean was more personal than anything else.

“I always thought if I was blessed with a healthy body, why I do something stupid?” said Scott.