Katie, Jane Pauley Reminisce About Ex-’TV Husband’ Bryant Gumbel

Stefan Doyno
Katie's Take
Katie, Jane Pauley Reminisce About Ex-’TV Husband’ Bryant Gumbel

Katie's former "work husband," Bryant Gumbel came to visit. But it was his old co-host Jane Pauley who really knows a thing or two about the "Real Sports" star.

"It's so nice that you guys have remained friends," Katie said. "What do you remember most about working with Bryant?"

"He was so fast," Jane said, "but impeccably prepared. His notes would be printed, tiny, beautiful, in different colors."

Jane also mentioned that whatever Bryant was wearing that day would match a pen from his extensive collection. Sure enough, Bryant pulled out a gray pen that matched his suit.

"That is so scary," Katie said.

All the reminiscing quickly turned into a conversation about age: Bryan is 65, Jane is 63 and Katie is 54. Jane scoffed.

"That's old enough, come on!" Katie said.

Jane has just written a book about re-imagining your life after a certain age.

"If anyone ever would have told that 29-year-old me that it was going to get better," Jane said, "that the best was my 50s, and that I would be 63 and still think about my possibilities ... We're the first generation -- the boomers -- for whom this is a general heads-up. It's going to be longer, get ready. We don't retire, we retire to something."

Her book is out Jan. 7, coincidentally the same date as Katie's birthday.