Who Was Katie in Her Past Life?

Samara Mackereth
Katie's Take
Who Was Katie in Her Past Life?

Wouldn’t it be cool to find out who you might have been 100 years ago?

Katie took a trip back with Dr. Brian Weiss MD – a psychiatrist and past-life expert to find out.

First she started out with breathing exercises before embarking on her journey to yesteryear.

Through deep breathing and muscle relaxation, Katie was able to remember her 8 year old self laying on the

grass. Then Dr. Weiss lead her to a very important door that would answer everything.

“Imagine there is a beautiful door and on the other side of the door is a figure or a person or a scene of a past-life,” Dr. Weiss said.

So who was Katie?

“I think I’m definitely a boy,” Katie said. “Maybe Huckleberry Finn. Or Tom Sawyer.”

Dr. Weiss brings Katie back to analyze.

“I was skeptical,” Katie admitted. Coincidentally, Katie revealed that she wrote her thesis on Mark Twain and Huckleberry Finn in college.

Maybe that had some influence on who she was?

“You could interpret that the other way around – why did you write your thesis on that topic?” he asked.

While Katie was not completely sold on what she found – the doctor assured her that through practice she would be able to find her true self.