John Lennon’s Son Julian Reflects on His Father

Ashley Phillips
Katie's Take

Julian Lennon, son of rock 'n' roll royalty John Lennon, is back with his first studio album in 15 years. He stopped by Katie to talk about his dad and his new album.

"I'm feeling more comfortable in life than I've ever done so before," Lennon said.

In 1998, Julian walked away from the music industry because he disliked the business side and had other passions he wanted to pursue, including photography.

"I know you're working on a documentary," Katie said.

The documentary is an opportunity to answer questions and come to terms with what Julian has dealt with in his life.

"I really didn't fancy doing the promo tour from hell," Julian admitted. "I thought what better way than to at least put something available to everybody at any point in time with a lot of answers in."

Julian admits his father wasn't the best in the world, but they were getting closer later on.

"When you think about your dad, what is the overwhelming emotion you feel?" Katie asked.

"It still saddens me that we didn't have an adult life together," said Julian.

Julian explains that while the relationship wasn't always ideal, there is forgiveness and love.

"We were starting to get closer later on," he said.

So is Julian worried about getting back into the studio?

"I can't let other people's opinions weigh me down," he said. "As an artist I want to move on and move forward and be happy in life."