Jessica Lange: Actress, Author, Banana Bread Fanatic

Stefan Doyno
Katie's Take

Jessica Lange has had a lengthy acting career, but she’s quickly becoming well known to a younger generation. Her work on Ryan Murphy’s “American Horror Story” has gained her an Emmy for Best Supporting Actress.

Now Lange will be known to an even younger audience – she took time off from playing a witch on the series third installment “Asylum” – to write a children’s book titled “It’s About a Little Bird.”

“How did you happen to write a children’s book in your spare time?” Katie asked.

“It wasn’t a deliberate project,” Jessica admits, “I wanted to make a little handmade book for my granddaughters for their Christmas present.”

Jessica used her own photography to fill the book – and she even hand-tinted the photos.

Not only does the book contain Jessica’s photography, it also contains a recipe for banana bread.

“Where did the recipe come from?” Katie wondered. Jessica included her mother’s recipe as a tribute.

“I just thought, what a beautiful little thing to include in the book.”

“Let me tell you, it is the best banana bread ever,” Katie noted.