Inside Look at Kate Gosselin’s Post-Reality Show Life

Katie Couric
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Inside Look at Kate Gosselin’s Post-Reality Show Life

Kate Gosselin is back, this time with a cookbook, and she invited Katie Couric over to her Pennsylvania home to get an inside look at what her life is like these days. Hint: it included pizza and tug of war.

"Can I just say, I've never been so exhausted in my life," Katie said, after experiencing the hectic Gosselin household.

As for why Gosselin decided to write her new cookbook "Love Is In The Mix," the answer is simple. She may not be a trained chef, but she is a mom who loves to cook. She also knows what kids love to eat -- and with a test audience of eight, who wouldn't?

"I'm not a chef, I don't chop properly," she said, "(The kids) are definitely super excited about it, they helped me."

With all of her time spent raising eight children, Kate is not too sure she will be getting married any time soon, but she is interested in dating.

"Would you like to one day get married?" Katie asked.

"You saw the chaos. That is so not for the faint of heart," Kate noted.

But she did give a tip to all the bachelors out there.

"For somebody to walk in and be like 'Yeah, let's do this,' I think I'd be in love right then and there."