Gina Gershon: From Showgirls to Catwoman

Stefan Doyno
Katie's Take

Katie's Take

Gina Gershon, has taken some risky roles in the past - "Showgirls", "Bound", and now she will be playing Donatella Versace in the Lifetime movie "House of Versace"- but it's her written project that has Katie blushing.

"I checked it out, it made me blush a little," Katie admits, "but the new edition is more PG."

The PG title of the book is In Search of Cleo: How I Found My Kitty - And Lost My Mind- and we'll let you guess what the original title was.

"It's based on a true story," Gershon said, "about when my cat went missing in Los Angeles and for two and half months. I searched the streets - can of tuna and knife at hand in the middle of the night."

"With a knife?" Katie asked.

"Just in case I ran into trouble," explained Gershon.

The book is about the interesting people Gershon met during that adventure. What was the most exciting thing that happened? An animal psychic who once had a television show and some very strange advice involving urine and a jar.

To find out how Gina Gershon was reunited with her beloved cat Cleo, you'll have to read the book.