Emma Thompson Talks Perms, Marriage and dancing with Prince Charles

Ashley Phillips
Katie's Take
Emma Thompson Talks Perms, Marriage and dancing with Prince Charles

Emma Thompson joined Katie to talk about her new movie “Saving Mr. Banks”…among other things.

“Congratulations on your Screen Actors Guild and Golden Globe nominations!” Katie said.
“Does that still excite you, or are you ‘been there, done that’, whatever?”

“Well if I were like that, would I be telling you?” Emma said, “That would be so unattractive.”

“I haven’t been in something I love this much,” she added, when discussing her new film. Emma plays P.L. Travers, the writer of ‘Mary Poppins’.

“I read that you had to have this dreadful perm – and it created a little problem in your marriage,” Katie noted.

“You mean the ‘no sex for 6 months problem?” Emma responded.

It turns out that the stylist on the set of the movie, set out to give Emma a perm that echoed Annette Bening’s hairstyle – when in fact it didn’t turn out so stylish.

When it comes to marriage – Emma has some advice that might save your relationship. “You go progressively deafer. That’s it really,” she said. “Plus, if they are doing something really irritating I can just take out my contact lenses and everything goes deliciously fuzzy.”

Did you know that Emma also shared a dance with Prince Charles? It was her choice of words that made headlines. “You said – dancing with him is better than sex. Care to elaborate?” Katie asked.

“I never had sex with Prince Charles,” Emma said.

After a 45 minute interview with a magazine – and that one particular quote went viral.

Speaking of viral, the outspoken actress discussed her concern with social media. “It’s a bit like the invention of smoking,” she said, “it was great while it lasted, until we realized that it killed us.”