Ed Burns Goes Bad

Stefan Doyno
Katie's Take

Many mainstream actors are transitioning from the big screen to the small screen. One of those actors, is Ed Burns, who happens to be married to the very beautiful supermodel Christy Turlington. “Can I just say that I think she’s probably one of the most beautiful women in the world,” Katie said.“It’s kind of annoying.”

Ed is working on a new show on TNT.“It’s called ‘Mob City’ [it’s set in] 1947 LA. The show was created by, written by, most of the episodes directed by the great Frank Derabont – and it takes a look at some real characters and some fictional characters in 1947 LA,” Ed says. “It’s an homage of sorts, I guess to those great film noirs of the 30s and ‘40s.”

Bugsy Siegel plays an important role in the show. “He was a gangster in New York,” Ed noted, “He moved out to LA, or was sent out to LA to take care of the mob out there. He’s the guy who sort of gets credit for starting Las Vegas.”

So, does Ed (who usually plays the good guy) enjoy playing a darker character?
Yes. Very much so. “When you get the phone call,” said Ed, “you jump at the chance.”

“It’s interesting to hear you doing so much television,” Katie said, “because I think a lot of actors with your resume and background are now gravitating to a genre that they probably thought at one time was beneath them, but it seems to me that TV is increasingly prestigious for people like you.” Ed says that the television industry is giving actors more creative freedom – something that the movie industry has lost to some degree.

Needless to say he’s happy to be on the small screen.